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Our law firm only handles motor vehicle accident cases. Founding attorney Carl Nagle is a former insurance claims adjuster and former insurance company lawyer. He now ONLY represents accident victims and their families.

Because we only handle traumatic injury cases, we have a wealth of medical experience and we also have worked with the best physicians and trauma surgeons throughout North Carolina. We focus on the medical evidence in every case, and we build the medical evidence necessary to secure the highest possible settlement or trial verdict in every case.

Our firm also charges only 25% of settlement, and only if we are able to compel the insurance carriers to pay a settlement that you accept. Most firms charge 1/3 or 33% of settlement. We charge a lower share, leaving more money with the injury victim. Our fee is also pure contingency, meaning that you pay nothing up front and we collect no fees unless and until we collect money for you.

Our local office in Asheville is easily accessible. However, we are also glad to meet with our clients at their home or workplace if this helps to get the case started.

Call today for a free legal consultation by telephone. Even if you choose to handle your case without an attorney, the time you spend with one of our motor vehicle accident lawyers will help you to avoid pitfalls that can drastically reduce your settlement, and help you understand how to collect maximum payment for past AND FUTURE medical needs, for all lost wages and reduced earning ability, and for all physical pain and emotional suffering arising from your accident.