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  • Accident
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  • Drunk Driving Accident

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Nicholas Pagano is a former police officer in both the civilian and military communities who holds a bachelor of science degree in law enforcement from William Carey College. Nicholas Has been practicing law in Georgia for the past 28 years. The thrust of this practice has been in the area of criminal law having tried murder cases, drug cases and child molestation cases. For the past 10 years Nicholas has focused the thrust of his practice in the area of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol/drugs. It appears to Nicholas Pagano that innocent persons are being arrested for and convicted of DUI when there was reasonable doubt as to their innocence. Although citizens have a constitutional right not to incriminate themselves our police have been arresting citizens and accusing these citizens of DUI merely because of their refusal to take field sobriety tests. It is the opinion of Nicholas Pagano that field sobriety tests are nothing more than junk science since most individuals would not be able to pass these tests even if they were stone cold sober. Attorney fees are reasonable and competitive.