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Milwaukee area criminal defense attorney Paul Ksinciski knows that some people think that defense attorneys are inherently unethical because they defend criminals. However, the people who believe this really do not understand the American criminal justice process. In our adversarial criminal justice system, the burden of proof is supposed to be on the government, and if they cannot prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, then a person is not supposed to be convicted of a crime. This critical element of the criminal justice system has, unfortunately, been ignored at times, as actual innocence claims are bringing to light, and Paul feels that the criminal defense attorney plays a critical role in protecting freedom. He brings the same zeal to his defense of clients, whether working to defend Universal Allah when he was charged with stealing a Stradivarius or working for equal protection for his gay and lesbian clients.

While Paul is considered an expert in the rules of evidence and criminal procedure, he knows that for his clientsj criminal defense law is not an academic debate, it is literally about their freedom and quality of life. He understands the stress that defendants experience when they are facing criminal charges and helps guide his clients through the process. He also helps his clients understand all of their options. Even in cases where the prosecution has a very strong case, he will look for any weaknesses that can be used to help build a defense. What Paul realizes is that, regardless of the punishment attached, a conviction is life-changing, so he works hard to help his clients avoid conviction whenever possible. In addition to being lauded by the judges at Wisconsinjs highest court, Paul is AVVO rated as Excellent and is a 2014 AVVO Clientjs Choice in Criminal Defense.

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