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Paulozzi Co. LPA is rated 10/10 by AVVO, 4.8/5 by Martindale, and Top 10 in Client Satisfaction by AIPIA. Our firmÍs area of expertise is personal injury law and we have represented seriously injured victims of truck accidents for over twenty years. We have obtained substantial settlements and verdicts for individuals hurt in these accidents, often related to driver fatigue, violation of trucking regulations, hauling excessive or unsafe loads, cell phone usage, alcohol, or failure of due care in the operation of the truck. We have garnered significant settlements for individuals who have suffered serious injuries or lost the life of a loved one.

Trucking companies and their insurance companies need to be held responsible for paying all of the damages related to your accident. You need to be compensated fully and in a timely manner for every aspect of the accident including your past, present, and future medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain & suffering. I personally handle all claim negotiations while you concentrate on obtaining necessary medical treatment and tending to your daily responsibilities.

From the moment you retain us we will fully represent you and we will not back down from the trucking company at fault. We are committed to ensuring that you obtain the justice you deserve and we will make every possible effort to secure full compensation for all of your injuries and damages.