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Since 1970, the Law Offices of Ray Bradley has distinguished itself as one of the premier Personal Injury law firms in Eugene, OR, Portland Oregon, and Vancouver Washington. We are a full-service law firm that handles all types of Personal Injury claims, including death or injuries caused by any sort of product, machine or drug. Also injuries occurring at work, construction accidents, and accidents caused by any sort of vehicle, automobile, truck, bus, motorcycle, train or airplane.

We also handle medical and professional malpractice claims, including claims against doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, attorneys, health care providers, contractors and other professionals.

Since the defendant in a personal injury suit is nearly always an insurance company, it's important your law firm take on the lawsuit with a worthy and knowledgeable strategy.

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Why does every lawyer want to do a truck accident case? You see their adds on the internet. Big legal fee but small left overs for victims like you.

This is what you should know:
Hire experience. Hire expertise. Hire proven results. I have 48 years as an attorney. I have handled many truck accident claims successfully. I charge only a small contingency attorney fee of 25% if settled before filing a lawsuit. Most of my truck accident claims settled.

What should you know when you are in an accident with an 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer also known as a Semi truck. Trucking cases are complicated cases. The size and weight of the semi truck compared to a passenger vehicle causes much more damage when colliding with a passenger vehicle. The resulting injuries are more severe. The truck driver and the truck will sustain less injury and property damage to the truck. Federal Law regulates truck drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulates how long a truck driver can drive before stopping. A driver cannot drive longer than 11 hours followed by 10 hours resting.

That is why you will see trucks parked on the side of the road or in rest areas or unusual locations because their driving time had expired and they are required to stop and rest. The driver must maintain a log of his or her driving time and resting time and be able to produce it if requested by an enforcement officer. Who is responsible for a truck accident? The driver is primarily responsible for his/her negligent driving. The company who hired the driver is responsible under the legal principal of agency law, which provides that the master (employer) is responsible for the negligence of the servant (employee). In some circumstances the owner of the tractor and trailer may be responsible for the accident or the lessor of the tractor and trailer. Many times it depends upon how the accident happened. Did a tire blow or come apart. There is a term for the remnants of parts of tires that you see strewed on the interstate highways. They are known as “alligators” and can cause damages and accidents to cars and motorcycles.

The manufacturer of the tires or vehicle parts which may caused the accident can be liable. After every accident and while the truck is still at the accident scene is inspected by a certified truck inspector. Also every truck is equipped with an event data recorder or commonly known as a “Black Box”. The Black Box records vital information about the truck a before and after a collision. It records speed, braking, driving time, tires, and others important data which allows for a reconstruction of how the accident happened. It is important the electronic stored information is persevered. You attorney needs to send a notice to the company to preserve the recorded information in the event data recorder.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration concluded recently that the most common cause of trucking accident was caused by driver error usually caused by driver fatigue and inadequate rest. Be prepared for the insurance company for the tucking company to make it difficult for you to present your claim for compensation. For that reason it is important that victims of trucking collisions contact me immediately and investigate the accident promptly. Phone me if you have any questions, 800-347-4269. I have been an Oregon Attorney for 48 years. I am licensed in Oregon and Washington. I have handled many trucking accident cases in my 48 years of practicing law. Call me. 800-347-4269 or 541-343-1473.

Email me at [email protected] Raymond Bradley OSB# 700193, WSB# 32389