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Mesa area attorney Raymond Arenofsky has spent 45 years becoming one of the best personal injury attorneys in the area. He gives every single one of his clients personal attention, and has a team that is dedicated to providing the type of care that they would each want to receive if they were the clients. He also has relationships with doctors and other experts, which he can call upon in order to provide his clients with the resources they need to help them recover.

Ray has often been asked why he practices personal injury law, and the answer is simple: he believes in the power of the law to help make victims whole after they have been injured. Under the law, making a victim whole not only means replacing property that they lost as a direct or indirect result of an accident, like a damaged vehicle, medical bills, or lost wages, but it also means providing them with the type of financial compensation that allows them to buy services they can no longer provide for themselves. For example, if you suffer an injury that results in an amputation, that amputation is going to have lifelong consequences for you that not only impact your quality of life, but that also require you to pay others to do things you are no longer able to do. Under the legal theory that a victim should be made whole by a tortfeasor, the person responsible for causing the injury is the one who should be responsible for paying for those lifelong costs. That is exactly why Ray does personal injury law. He knows that he cannot undo the physical devastation that someone has experienced because of a traumatic personal injury, but he can help make sure that the person is well-situated to move forward after an injury.

If you have been hurt and are unsure what to do and who to contact, call Ray. The initial consultation is free, he offers discounts on serious injury cases, and he does not take a fee unless he recovers money for you. His number is 480-345-0444 or you can visit him online at: http://azaccidentlawfirm.com/.