New Jersey attorney Raymond Santiago believes in the idea that attorneys should know the law, not just specialize in specific practice areas. When clients have a legal problem, they may look for a specialist in one area of the law, unaware that legal problems in one area can often be the cause or the result of problems in another area. As a general legal practitioner, Raymond makes sure that he knows how these interrelated areas of the law can impact clients, protecting them on multiple fronts. For example, non-citizen criminal defendants may be unaware of the potential impact of criminal convictions on their immigration status, but RaymondÍs general expertise helps him consider all potential consequences when advising his clients.

One of the founders of Law Offices of Santiago & Associates, PC, Raymond has sought to bring quality affordable legal representation to New Jersey. Working in the Freehold, Red Bank, and Neptune areas, the attorneys at Law Offices of Santiago & Associates handle all types of legal cases, but have an emphasis on immigration issues, criminal defense, and handling traffic violations.
Raymond believes that one of the most important things that an attorney can offer a client is communication. In fact, a breakdown in communication is at the heart of most attorney-client disputes. Raymond ensures that his clients understand their case, from the underlying legal issues to the procedural aspects of the case, and that they receive constant updates whenever there are any changes in the case. Each client gets personal attention, and can rest easy in the knowledge that they have an experienced and caring legal expert devoting their attention to all aspects of the legal challenge.

To find out what Raymond can do for you and to schedule a consultation, contact him at 732-294-7149 or visit him online at http://santiagolawyers.com