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Attorney Robert ñBobî Bergman is an estate planning specialist who knows that different people have different goals when establishing an estate plan, therefore estates must be planned for individuals. Parents with minor children want to ensure that in the event of their deaths, their children are being raised by people they chose, in accordance with the parentsÍ values and norms. Oftentimes, this might conflict with where a court might place children absent any knowledge of the parentsÍ wishes. Parents or grandparents with older children and grandchildren no longer have to worry about how minor children will be raised and might concentrate on how to transfer as much wealth as possible without incurring tax liabilities.

Bob has been a practicing attorney for over three decades and his concentration on estate planning is a natural extension of his prior focus on property and real estate law. Bob is a member of: the State Bar of CaliforniaÍs Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Section; the WealthCounsel, LLC; and the Advisors Forum. He has been involved with ElderCounsel, the Academy of Special Needs Planners, the Foundation for Personal Financial Education, and the Financial Knowledge Institute.

While Bob tailors each estate plan to meet a familyÍs individual needs, he has his clients follow a process that has proven effective and efficient for past clients, taking clients through the estate planning process to a completed estate plan in approximately four weeks.
A graduate of A.A. De Anza College, San Jose State University, and Santa Clara Law School, Bob has been admitted to practice in all California courts, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, and the United States Tax Court.

To schedule a consultation with Bob, call him at 408-247-0444 or visit him online at You can also visit his website for an overview of various special considerations you might encounter in your estate planning process.