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Chicago area criminal defense attorney Robert Stringini has worked with some of the best-known people in Illinois criminal law. His former partners include Jim Ryan, the Attorney General of Illinois from 1995-2003 and John W. Darrah, a United States Federal judge who has been on the bench since 2000. Why do such notable people want to practice with him? Because Robert is committed to the promises the Constitution provides to the American people: all accused people should be presumed innocent unless their guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt, and all defendants are entitled to due process of law. Some people think this position means that Robert is soft on crime, but what his four decades as a practicing attorney have taught Robert is that there is no justice in convicting the wrong person or in providing excessive punishment to one defendant to make up for failing to punish others. Protecting the rights of those accused of crimes is essential to the promise of freedom that forms the cornerstone of the American identity.

Robert is a graduate of DePaul University and the John Marshall Law School. He is known to many people in the Chicago are for the work his firm, Stringini & Garvey, P.C. did on three pivotal cases: People vs. Zaremba, People vs. Galvez, and People vs. Pollitt. The Zaremba case challenged part of a theft statute that could have punished people for innocent conduct, which is exactly the type of unconstitutional treatment of defendants that Robert has always fought.

If you are in Chicago or the surrounding area and you are facing criminal charges, whether misdemeanor or felony, Robert can help you. With offices in Addison and Wheaton, meeting with him can be convenient for you. To schedule a consultation, contact him at: 630-834-9595 or visit him online at: