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The attorneys at Simpson Law Group have been around big rigs, farm machinery and other large equipment their entire lives. Truck crashes are different from car crashes - picking the wrong lawyer can ruin your case! You MUST make sure your lawyer has the experience and financial backing to handle truck crash cases. Don't let your case be your lawyer's first "learning" case.

SLG handles serious big rig (tractor trailer) crashes coast-to-coast, and one of our experienced lawyers can meet with you wherever you are today, or at the latest tomorrow. Time is precious because evidence can be lost or destroyed if you delay. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed in a truck crash, call us 24-hours a day for immediate advice from an experienced lawyer.

Attorney Sean Simpson (619) 549-5070

Attorney Jayme Simpson (619) 971-3040

Case Results

Ibarra v. Stevens Transport (Truck v. Auto)
Pending Trial
Plaintiff was the driver a mid-size SUV when a semi ran through a stop sign and ran into PlaintiffÍs vehicle. Plaintiff suffer from life changing brain injury.

Lutfunnessa v. Diakon Logistics (Truck v. Auto)
Pending Trial
Plaintiff sustained bodily injury when a large furniture moving truck ran a red light and t-boned her car.

Hume v. KZR (Truck v. Auto)
$3,400,000.00 in UM Arbitration - January 2009
Plaintiff sustained serious spinal injury when rebar sticking of the bed of a hauling truck came through the windshield of PlaintiffÍs car suddenly jolted the car.

Kendrix v. Mex-Cal (Truck v. Car)
Seven figure settlement - March 2011
A big-rig rear-ended an automobile resulting in persona injury.

Welsh v. Ryder Trucking
Mid six-figure settlement, December 2014
Plaintiff was injured when entering his work truck when he slipped and fell on the step that was installed upside down. Plaintiff sued for product liability.

Bugarin v. Ryder Trucking (wrongful death)
Mid six-figure settlement, November 2012
Plaintiffs loved one was killed when the driver of a large furniture truck lost control and flew over the highway center divide landing on an oncoming car.

Pierce v. Chavez Trucking (Truck v. Pedestrian)
Confidential Settlement - January 2014
PlaintiffÍs loved one was killed when a semi-truck ran over PlaintiffÍs sister as she crossed the street.