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Fort Lauderdale attorney Steven Glerum has over three decades of experience practicing law, and all of this experience has reinforced his belief that lawyers can be a personÍs most effective tool in preserving individual rights. A graduate of Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, and the Nova University Center for the Study of Law, Steve began his legal career with an internship at the Broward County Public DefenderÍs Office. Working as a public defender, Steve saw, firsthand, the critical difference that quality legal representation could make in the preservation of rights. From there, Steve went on to clerk for the Honorable Howard M. Zeidwig, and that working relationship blossomed into an associate position and then a partnership. Steve transitioned into another partnership position, and then into a solo practitioner firm in 1987. Steve has found that, working as a sole practitioner, he is able to devout the personal time and attention he feels every client deserves on every case. While not all legal cases are literally life or death, the reality is that the outcome of legal cases have a tremendous impact on clients.

Steve considers himself a general practitioner, though he does concentrate his practice into a few specific areas: bankruptcy, criminal defense, DUI and traffic defense, divorce and family law, landlord and tenant law, and general civil law. The general practitioner distinction is one that Steve believes in passionately, because he understands that many legal disputes have implications that go beyond the barriers of a specific case and that an attorney must be able to consider all of the possible ramifications of every decision. This commitment has been recognized by those he helps. In 2010, Steve was awarded the Consumer Law Award by Legal Aid Services of Broward County.

To schedule a consultation with Steve, visit him online at or call him at 954-254-3470.