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Attorney Richard Stevens of the Stevens Law Firm is a general practice lawyer with a broad-ranging practice because he understands two things about the law: the law impacts everything in our lives, and very few legal situations can be pigeonholed into a single legal practice area. For example, a small business owner who is going through a divorce needs an attorney who understands business law as well as family law matters. A person involved in an automobile accident may need an attorney who can seek compensation for personal injuries and help the driver avoid any potential criminal charges from the accident. This natural overlap in practice areas is why Richard helps people dealing with a wide variety of problems including: marriage, divorce adoption or other family matters; criminal charges; real estate transactions; wills and estate planning; personal injuries; traffic accidents; applications or problems with government agencies or offices; tax matters; discrimination; civil rights violations; debt collections; employment problems; business disputes; real estate transactions; contract disputes; denial of benefits; or starting a business.

Richard believes in the power of the law. He is a fourth-generation Missouri attorney, proud to work in Springfield and the surrounding area. Prior to founding the Stevens Law Firm in 1988, Richard worked at the Green County ProsecutorÍs Office and at The Law Firm of Poole, Croessman & Stevens. He received his B.A. in anthropology from the University of Missouri (Columbia) and his J.D. from the University of Missouri, School of Law. Selected as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the American Trial Lawyers Association and a member of the American Bar Association Advisory Panel, Richard is committed to helping potential clients get the representation that they deserve. If Richard is unable to help you with your legal problem, he has a network of referrals to help you find the right attorney for your problem. At his website: Richard offers an Ask Richard function, which allows you to ask a lawyer your legal questions. You can also schedule a consultation with him at the website or by calling 417-889-4400.