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Lansing area attorney Stuart Shafer knows that legal conflicts can be very stressful for the average person. While divorces, family law disputes, criminal charges, and DUI charges may seem routine to attorneys who handle them on a daily basis, they have the potential to have lifelong, serious consequences for the people who are facing them. Stu understands this and he makes a commitment to each of his clients to handle their cases individually and treat them like the most important case he has ever handled, because, for his clients, those cases very well might be the most important legal disputes that they ever have to handle.

Stu has been practicing law since 1975, when he began his career prosecuting for Ingham County. While working for Ingham County, Stu became the Chief Attorney for the Priority Prosecution Unit, where he prosecuted habitual criminals, murders, rapes, robberies, drug cases, white collar crimes, and drunk driving cases. After working for 12 years as a prosecutor, Stu went into private practice, where he expanded from criminal law to civil law, with an emphasis on family law. As a prosecutor, Stu saw how criminal charges could impact people in their personal lives. As an attorney in private practice, Stu uses his skills to help people mitigate those impacts.

Stu always looks out for his clientsÍ best interests. In emotional scenarios like divorce, it can be tempting to want to fight over everything, which results in nothing but loss for both parties. While Stu is going to work to get you what you want, he is also going to encourage you to look at the big picture and where you want to be in a year or five years.

To contact Stu for his expert, practical legal advice, contact him at 517-487-6603 or visit him online at: