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Attorney Cade gained experience in the practice of appeals, working for a workers' compensation law firm. From there, he transitioned to the Broward County Public Defender's office in June 2009, where TJ served the indigent and needy populace of Broward County as a criminal defense attorney. There, a journey began as a juvenile attorney, handling a variety of cases from misdemeanors to felonies. After a short time, he enjoyed a transfer to the felony department, where they represented defendants in a variety of cases ranging from felony DUI and possessions, to burglaries and trafficking cases. Attorney Cade was privileged to serve as co-counsel on a second degree murder/second degree attempted murder trial case during this time, as well.

Attorney Cade left the Public Defender's Office September 30, 2012 to open up the doors of private practice October 1, 2012. Attorney Cade has since branched out into a variety of civil practice areas and enjoys a successful boutique practice in Lake Worth, Florida. Notwithstanding his locale, Attorney Cade considers, and has engaged in legal representation, in a variety of civil cases in various parts of Florida. TJ continues to engage in criminal defense as well.