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  • Medical Malpractice
  • Truck Accident
  • Drunk Driving Accident

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Despite all of the attorney ñjokesî he has heard and the negative impression that many people have about lawyers, Houston attorney Troy Moore has never waivered in his commitment to the original reason he chose to practice law: to help people. As an attorney, people come to him with their problems, with the hope that he can help them find solutions to those problems. He finds it very rewarding to establish those personal relationships with his clients, guiding them through the legal process in a way that would not be possible if he were working as part of a larger firm. Troy commits himself to giving his clients his personal attention, knowing that legal issues are about more than the legal and factual question involved; they also involve emotions and helping clients understand those emotions is one of the ways that Troy helps his clients.

Troy is also a multi-disciplinary attorney who is able to help clients with a variety of legal concerns. His main areas of practice are: probate, will preparation, estate planning, personal injury, real estate, and business law. Many people erroneously believe that they need to have a different legal specialist for every legal question or issue that they encounter. However, legal issues often resist being pigeonholed into specific categories. For example, as a personal injury attorney, Moore may structure a settlement for an accident victim that needs to be included in an estate plan for the victimÍs heirs or that may be used to help finance a real estate transaction. Because of TroyÍs familiarity with different areas of the law, he is not only able to tell his clients about potential legal complications, but also work to avoid those complications.

Troy is a graduate of Texas A&M University and the South Texas College of Law. With an office in the Northwest Houston/Cypress area, Troy is ready to help clients with a variety of legal issues. To schedule a consultation, contact him at 281-653-6091 or on the web at: