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I understand that you are worried about how the charges you or a loved one are facing will affect your future. During a free initial consultation (available either in my office or over the phone) I will help you understand how the law applies to your situation, and your options for moving forward.

As your defense attorney, my number one goal is to protect your future and help guide you through the process towards the best possible result given the facts of your case. I will make sure that you are seen by the judge and prosecutor as a person and not a case number. The criminal defense system is made to be efficient and keep people moving through. Having an experienced advocate on your side ensures that the relevant facts around your case are considered, and that your rights are protected.

When you are facing a DUI or other criminal charge, there is a lot at stake. Having a lawyer on your side can affect how much you have to pay in fines, whether or not you have to spend time in jail, and how soon you'll be able to get your driver's license back. As your DUI lawyer, I can't make the charges magically disappear. However, I can help you protect your rights, mitigate the consequences, and help you get back to your day to day life as soon as possible.

Don't spend another day waiting and worrying about your DUI. Take the first step towards resolving your DUI or other criminal charge by taking advantage of a free initial consultation. I can answer questions over the phone at 701-353-5874, via text message or in a face-to-face meeting. Contact me today.

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