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Legal issues often arise unexpectedly, bringing with them questions and concerns that affect every part of your life. In the face of these challenges, you deserve an attorney you can trust to aggressively advocate for your best interests „ an attorney like William Long Whitesell.

Mr. Whitesell has been practicing law since 2001, and opened his office in 2004. As a firm, we offer personalized service at reasonable fees. Our practice encompasses a wide range of issues in order to meet the needs of our clients in Southern Georgia.

William Long Whitesell is more than an attorney; he is a long-term counselor, adviser and active member of the community.Whatever your legal concern, we believe that our clients deserve to know what they are facing, what the possible outcomes may be and what courses are available. We can assist you in achieving your desired results based on our years of experience and our track record of success in cases just like yours.