If this is your first time facing criminal charges, you may be surprised by how intimidating the process can be. After all, we are raised on the idea that there is a presumption of innocence and that our criminal justice system is geared towards ensuring that no innocent people are convicted. However, suspects in the criminal justice system understand that this presumption of innocence may be the ideal, but is hardly the reality. From the moment that a suspect first encounters the criminal justice system, he or she is treated like a criminal, and the dehumanizing process begins. This can make it easier for police officers and prosecutors to get incriminating statements to be used in a courtroom, but does not necessarily lead to justice being served.

Denver criminal defense attorney William Peters has spent the last 25 years fighting on behalf of his clients, not to cheat the justice system, but to ensure that they get all of the benefits that criminal defendants are supposed to have in the United States. He understands that a zealous defense attorney can not only make the difference between conviction and acquittal, but can also have an impact on sentencing even in scenarios where you may choose to plead guilty to an offense. Impacting sentencing can not only reduce or eliminate jail time, but can also impact offender registry requirements, future employment opportunities, and the ability to retain professional or driverÍs licenses.

While many people dismiss criminal defense attorneys as bad guys, William believes that criminal defense attorneys protect citizens from government overreach. He also believes in helping people; he donates 50% of his billings to Happy Belly Farms, and has grown and donated more than 5 tons of food to area food banks.

If you have experienced a personal injury or been charged with traffic violations, DUI, DWAI, disorderly conduct, menacing, theft, assault, sex crimes, domestic violence, or any other felony or misdemeanor, contact William for a consultation. Call him at 303-647-4008 or visit his website at: http://www.williamepetersattorney.com