Dirty, disgusting politics

It didn’t take long, but my opponent is dragging my name through the mud, attacking me personally, and making up lies about my record.  I’m not surprised. That’s the same old ball game Tallahassee insiders having been doing for years.

My opponent doesn’t live in our District and she is counting on Tallahassee special interests to fund her campaign and lie about my record to hide the truth from you.


Here is the truth.

I am the only lifelong Democrat running in this election who lives in the District. My opponent does not live in this District.

I’m a former prosecutor who protected women, seniors and children from violence and criminals.

I’m a Board Certified Criminal Trial lawyer with the highest degree of ethics and integrity and I am AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell. This is one of the highest ratings possible and is held by approximately only 10% of all lawyers

Here is what U.S. Senator Bill Nelson said about my campaign.

“Following in the tradition of his father Peter Weinstein, a great Senator and Chief Judge of the Circuit Court, Michael Weinstein will make a great contribution to public service.”  – U.S. Senator Bill Nelson


Here is what the Sun Sentinel said about my campaign.

“In his questionnaire and during the interview, Weinstein showed that he is much better prepared than most rookies. He also knows the issues like an incumbent.”

The Sun Sentinel also agreed with my position on how best to rebuild relations between our community and law enforcement.

The Palm Beach Post wrote a story about how my opponent is using tactics “out of Trump’s playbook” in this election.

Over 300 local District 81 residents have joined this campaign to support me for State House District 81.


I’m asking for your vote because I have the experience, vision and plan to help get things done for our District. My opponent has no plans, has lost her last two elections in other districts and she doesn’t even live here.


Please vote Democrat Michael Weinstein for State House.



Michael Weinstein

Democrat for State House

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