The biggest mistake that most drivers who are involved in a truck accident make is that they try and contact their insurance company as soon as they have the chnace to do so. This may seem like a wise decision at the time, but the reality is, this one phone call could end up reducing their settlement amount significantly, especially if they agreed to the insurer while on the phone.

The fact is that insurance companies gain obvious benefits from offering their clients the least amount of settlement which they believe they can get away with. They will almost always offer a person a lower settlement amount than what they are entitled to according to their own policies and the laws of the state one resides in.

Instead of calling the insurance company first, a person should make sure they call a lawyer. A truck accident lawyer in Disney, Orlando, Florida will be able to communicate with the insurer in a way that they will be obliged to give a fair amount to cover the damages their client faced.

Apart from calling the insurance company right away and agreeing to a smaller claim, drivers also make the major mistake of giving away too much information right after the collision occurs. Even something as simple as offering an apology to the trucker or anyone else involved in the accident can potentially be used against a person to reduce their settlement amount and attribute fault on them. If a person wants to avoid getting into unnecessary trouble, they should simply exchange numbers with the other drivers and police officers and wait for further advice from their attorney.

Should I seek medical care right away?

Once a person gets injured in a truck accident, there are high chances that their injuries are very severe. It is necessary for a person to get treated right away, whether they have serious injuries or minor ones. Getting medical treatment will help strengthen a person’s case and the medical bills and diagnosis of the doctors can be used as further evidence to prove the damages in court.

Many times, drivers believe that since they did not feel any immediate pain, they probably did not get injured, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Neck and back injuries often do not make themselves apparent until sometime after the accident and they can be expensive to treat. A person should always get a thorough checkup as soon as possible after the accident to ensure that everything is okay and that no injuries will be showing up later.

In order to fully get compensated for the injuries, a person has to understand how the collision happened, which party was negligent, and who they can make a claim against. The better a person understands these factors, the more chances they will be able to hold the guilty party to a higher standard and get a larger settlement as a result.

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