Tampa, FLDivorces are always a stressful time because most people never know exactly how their life will change once the divorce is finalized. There are a number of things that someone should do to prepare for their divorce case in the Tampa area. It is common that one spouse will have much less money and assets afterwards, and they may need to relocate or change their lifestyle significantly. Attorneys in Florida who focus on family law should be consulted to help during this time of transition. Florida is a no fault divorce state, which means neither spouse has to prove any specific reason for the separation. 

Personal financial matters

Money and finances are always a large concern. It is common for someone to be worried that they may lose property, assets, and income during the divorce process. One of the best ways to prepare for this is to take an inventory of all valuable items, savings, investments, and property. This information can be shared with a lawyer, who will advise the client regarding how to best protect each item. It is best for information regarding all income sources and valuable items to be shared with the lawyer first, as these will need to be disclosed during the property division segment of the divorce process. Anything that is considered marital property will possibly be subject to division. 

Custody and support of children

Child custody is another important issue, and custody may be affected by a parent’s history when interacting with their children and providing care. Evidence of good parenting practices is usually important to disclose, as well as preparing explanations for any problems from the past. The parent who does not have primary custody of the children will be required to make support payments until each one turns 18 years old or finishes high school. Support payments are normally based on a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income, but a judge can make a finding to deviate from this amount in some situations when necessary. 

Spousal support and alimony

Alimony payments could become a significant financial burden when one spouse has to maintain the other’s standard of living. Under Florida law, there are various types of alimony payments, with some being made as part of the divorce settlement or for a short time after the marriage has ended, while others require regular payments for months or years afterward.  

Consulting with a divorce attorney early in the divorce process

An experienced attorney can provide guidance throughout any of these steps if there are questions or concerns. The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet is a family law firm that is dedicated to assisting clients in the Tampa and Clearwater areas.  

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