Do I Have to Go Through Credit Counseling Before or After I File For Bankruptcy?

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy in Alabama, there are a few things you’ll need to take care of before you can officially start the process. For starters, you’ll want to schedule an initial consultation with a Moody, AL bankruptcy lawyer who can determine if you even qualify to file and if now is the right time.

Second, you’ll need to complete credit counseling from a government-approved organization before you file. Read on to learn more about the credit counseling process and where you can complete it.


Credit counseling must be completed within 180 days before you file for bankruptcy in Alabama


Before you can begin the bankruptcy process, you’ll need to complete credit counseling and have the certificate of completion available to prove this. During the credit counseling course, you’ll learn more about managing money and the steps you can take to avoid having to go through the bankruptcy process again.


You’ll want to choose wisely when it comes to pre-bankruptcy credit counseling courses


There are plenty of agencies online that advertise credit counseling courses, but not all are government-approved. If you take a course with an agency that has not received approval from the government, not only will you be wasting your money, but your certificate of completion will be useless. 

To avoid running into this type of issue, it’s best you take a course that is recommended by Bankruptcy Administrators in Alabama, whereas in other states, it is the U.S. Trustee’s Program that provides a list of approved agencies. 

To view a list of the agencies the Bankruptcy Administrator has currently approved, you’ll need to visit the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Alabama (1). It’s worth noting that some of the agencies are located outside of the state of Alabama but do offer online courses.


What happens after I complete my credit counseling course?


Once you’ve received your certificate of completion, you’re going to want to contact a Moody, AL bankruptcy lawyer who can help you get prepared for the process. Depending on the type of bankruptcy process you plan to go through, you may need to liquidate some of your assets, so it’s a good idea to know what is at risk and what is safe before you file.

Now, if you have additional questions about the bankruptcy process or would like to find out if you would make for a good candidate, contact Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. The Moody, AL bankruptcy attorneys at this firm are ready and available to address any concerns you might have or get you started on the bankruptcy filing process. 


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