A worker was injured at a construction site near Glen Burnie when a rock pinned him down in a trench. A rescue team was able to free him and take him to the hospital for treatment of a leg injury.  If you have been involved in an accident at work and suffered an injury related to your occupation, leaving you with temporary or residual damage and/or developed an occupational illness related to products at work such as toxic chemicals, you may be eligible for worker’ compensation benefits.  Worker’s compensation is required to protect workers in situations involving accidental injuries that are job-related.  The injury must be an “accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment” for it to be covered in the state of Maryland.

Claim denials.

Sometimes claims are denied for a variety of reasons and if this occurs, an experienced attorney can assist with an appeal.  Insurance companies will heavily scrutinize claims for workers’ compensation to make sure the claim is valid and to eliminate a precedent of other employees filing frivolous claims for benefits.  Common reasons for benefit denials include:

  • Missed deadlines – timely notification to employer regarding a work-related illness or injury must occur.
  • Employer claims injury did not happen at work – questions surrounding work-related injury may require medical evidence may be necessary to prove the circumstances of the work-related injury to support the claim.
  • State restrictions – restrictions can affect the value of compensation for a work-related accident in Glen Burnie.
  • Filed after leaving a job – many insurers will deny a claim if it was filed after an employee quit, was laid off, or fired from a job where they claim an accident occurred.


Customarily, a denial letter will be sent to the injured employee stating a reason for the denial and may contain important information to support an appeal.  The first level of an appeal will be a hearing before a judge where legal counsel can provide evidence, including pertinent medical records, to support the claim.


Employees who are injured on the job want to be careful not to settle workers’ compensation claims too quickly, because settlement amounts are final and cannot be changed later if it is discovered that an injury was more serious, further impacting performance of job-related duties or securing alternate work opportunities.

Seek legal counsel.

Contact an experienced worker’s compensation attorney at Murnane & ONeill, to review the individual case and see what actions should be taken to protect your interests after a work-related accident.

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