After an accident, one of the first things most drivers do is contact their insurance company to report the incident and file a claim. When a driver is carrying an adequate amount of insurance coverage, he/she can typically get their vehicle repaired, get their medical expenses covered, and they may even be entitled to a settlement. So, how long does an insurer have to respond to an accident claim or is there even a deadline?

According to Florida Statute 627.70131, after a claim has been filed with an insurer, “the insurer shall, within 14 calendar days, review and acknowledge receipt of such communication unless payment is made within that period of time or unless the failure to acknowledge is caused by factors beyond the control of the insurer which reasonably prevent such acknowledgment.” A natural disaster or pandemic would qualify as suitable reasons for an insurer to not respond within the 14-day timeframe.

Now, unless an insurer has deemed that the claim does not appear to be covered, the company is then required to begin an investigation within 10 days after receiving proof of loss statements from the policyholder. Although the insurer will need time to review the claim and determine if the losses are covered, the company must either pay or deny the claim or a portion of the claim within 90 days. If a company fails to comply with Florida Statute 627.70131(5)(a), the company is said to be in violation of Florida law.

If this happens, it best for a claimant to contact a Fort Walton Beach, FL accident lawyer for legal advice on how to address the issue.


What if an insurance company denies a car accident claim or fails to make a payment within the specified timeframe?


There are plenty of valid reasons for why insurers deny claims, however, there are times when the denial was made in error. If a car accident victim believes their claim was wrongfully denied, he/she should contact their adjuster to find out if the issue can be remedied. In the event the adjuster assures the claimant that the claim isn’t covered, he/she should then contact Browning Law Firm to discuss this.

In the event an insurer fails to pay a car accident victim within the 90-day timeframe, he/she should also consider consulting with a Fort Walton Beach, FL accident attorney at Browning Law Firm. In fact, accident victims are always encouraged to contact a lawyer following an accident as insurance companies often provide claimants with lowball offers. If an accident victim would like to discuss an insurance issue with an accident lawyer in Fort Walton Beach, they can call 850-344-1736.


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