Lake City, FL – Drivers of semi trucks and other commercial vehicles need to be aware at all times while driving and take other steps to help prevent accidents. This can include everything from ensuring that cargo is properly loaded, to taking required breaks and rest periods. Most employers will provide some kind of safety training to ensure compliance with all relevant rules, and the government also regulates trucking through commercial driver’s license requirements. However, it is still possible that a driver may be involved in an accident even with these precautions in place. 

Licensing requirements

For anyone to operate a truck or commercial vehicle legally, they will need to pass a written exam and a road test. These tests cover some safety knowledge that is necessary to operate commercial vehicles properly and reduce the risk of accidents. Even after a driver has a valid CDL, they need to be careful of accidents, traffic violations, and other problems, as it is much easier for a high risk driver to lose their CDL than a standard driver’s license.

Defensive driving techniques

Most drivers of large vehicles should be familiar with defensive driving. This includes tactics such as keeping a safe following distance from other vehicles to have adequate braking room, always obeying and being mindful of the speed limit, and other behaviors that have been proven to decrease the risk of an accident. 

Random testing for illegal substances

Many trucking companies will randomly test their employees for the presence of alcohol or other controlled substances. Drivers also know that they will be tested if there is an accident or a police officer believes that they have been driving under the influence. In addition to the standard DUI penalties that drivers can receive, a commercial driver is also likely to lose their commercial driving privileges if they violate rules related to drug and alcohol use

What happens after a truck accident?

Despite this training, truckers do cause accidents at times. This can be extremely dangerous because the large size of the vehicle compared to standard cards means that the property damage can be extensive. The victim has the right to sue the driver and the trucking company to be compensated for their losses. This can include costs of medical treatment, lost wages and time away from work, pain and suffering, and damages associated with other losses caused by the driver. It is most common for the driver’s employer to have to pay out these damages through a special insurance policy for their fleet of vehicles. Trucking accidents can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage, which is why the employer usually pays these costs. 

More information about truck crash lawsuits

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