Do you know what your rights are as a worker in Miami?

No matter what industry it is you work in, you need to understand what your rights are as a worker to ensure your health and safety are never put at risk. Under federal law, you are entitled to work in a safe workspace and you also have the right to speak up when you feel your employer has assigned you to work in an area where health and safety hazards are present [Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)]. Some of the other rights you have as a worker in Miami include:

  • The right to be trained in a language you understand. It is extremely important for workers to understand what it is they are being taught so they are not putting their life at risk while working. For instance, if a worker is required to work around a trench, they need to be aware of the dangers of trenching along with ways they can protect themselves while on the job.
  • The right to work on safe machines. Employers should never allow their employees to operate machines that are defective or in poor working conditions.
  • The right to be provided with the necessary safety gear when working from high elevations. This might include a harness or lifeline.
  • The right to be protected from toxic chemicals. While there are times when an employee may be required to work around toxic chemicals, their employer must ensure they have been trained prior to completing any work. They must also provide them with the proper protective gear to work around these chemicals.
  • The right to request an OSHA inspection and speak to the inspector. If you think your employer is violating federal laws or regulations, you have the right to contact OSHA and report it.
  • The right to report an injury or illness and receive copies of your medical records.
  • The right to see copies of your employer’s workplace injury and illness log.
  • The right to review your employer’s records pertaining to work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • The right to obtain copies of any test results that identify hazards in the workplace.


Now, if you suffered an injury while on the job or became ill, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits given you are eligible to receive them. There are certain types of employees who do not qualify for workers’ comp benefits, so it is best you speak with your employer to find out more about who is eligible to receive them. If you were recently injured while on the job in Miami and feel your employer is not handling the workers’ comp claims process fairly or has denied you benefits, the Miami, FL workers’ comp lawyers at Mario Trespalacios P.A. would be happy to intervene and get the issue resolved.


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