When you’ve got an idea and you’ve put a lot of effort into making a prototype work, you need to protect it before presenting it to potential investors. However, if you’ve got a very little budget, it can be difficult to decide whether to spend your funds on a patent lawyer. To help you with this crucial decision, we’ve gathered together some essential information.

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What is a Patent Attorney?

Patent lawyers are specialized individuals who must train and pass tests to register with the patent office. During the test, the lawyer needs to demonstrate expertise in a technical area. These lawyers will still go to law school and pass the state bar exam, the patent registration exam, as well as understanding science, programming, or engineering.

When you’re looking for a Patent Litigation Lawyer, you need to find one that is specialized in your technical area. Intellectual property lawyers are one of the most well-paid there are, so you will be investing a lot of money.

Patent Applications: Do You Need a Lawyer?

Technically, as an investor, you don’t need to have a lawyer to apply for a patent. However, doing so without one may not be the best idea. Writing your patent calls for expertise and is difficult to the untrained eye. You need to portray the technical side of your design as well as protect your lucrative invention. No matter how complex or not your design, writing a patent without a lawyer is a risky game. If you make the slightest error, you could end up losing millions down the line.

If, for example, you made your prototype out of polymer but it could be made out of stronger materials down the line, you will need to state this on your patent application. If you fail to mention the slightest detail, you may be stuck being legally obligated to only use the polymer for your design. Having a patent attorney draft up your patent application will prevent any oversights from being made. Alternatively, you can draft your patent application but pay much less for an attorney to look over it.

There is one more method of patenting your invention. You can apply for a provisional patent. This covers your back for one year. With this year, you will need to write your full patent application. To approach investors, a provisional patent will suffice. Therefore, you can hold on until you’ve got funding before forking out for a patent attorney.

How to Find a Quality Patent Attorney

One of the best places to look for a patent attorney is through Google. You will be able to see a list of all patents alongside the lawyer who wrote them. From there, you can narrow your search down by looking at their profile including reviews and prices.

Building a multi-million-dollar prototype is a great achievement. However, you will need to protect it to stop intellectual property thieves from claiming your work. Finding a patent attorney and applying for a patent is the best way to do this.

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