Chinese health workers who are dealing with countless cases of Coronavirus daily are at a very high risk of infection as they stand in the frontlines and continue to treat all their patients tirelessly. The total number of infected individuals has risen to 63,851, and the thought the virus may not be clearing up as expected is sending everyone into a panic. 1,716 of these infected individuals were healthcare practitioners such as nurses and doctors. Six of the total 1,380 reported deaths were also of those working in healthcare.

It may seem as if it is the obvious job of all doctors and other medical practitioners to be working extra hours and trying to help their patients recover, but the magnitude of the sacrifice they are making should not be overlooked.

Coronavirus is highly contagious and can be passed on from one person to the other relatively easily. Doctors are compelled to deal with patient after patient, all of whom are carrying this viral infection, and they are at serious risk of contracting the virus themselves. Of course, extra precautionary measures are taken by all health care workers who are on the front lines such as wearing protective gear that covers any passages on their body, washing their hands often and using sanitizers, and rinsing out the nose and mouth at regular intervals.

The virus is not only rampant in China, but 450 cases, as well as 3 deaths, have emerged across the world. Apart from China, the highest cluster of Coronavirus cases were found in a Cruise in a Japanese Port, in which 218 people were deemed to carry the infection.

Some of the passengers on the cruise were finally allowed to return to land and complete their quarantine there. Another cruise ship that had been rejected multiple times from docking in different areas due to fear that Coronavirus would spread to the mainland finally found open arms in Cambodia where the community allowed the ship to dock when they confirmed that there really were no cases of Coronavirus on board.

Apart from the social disruption and increase in xenophobia caused by the virus, China is experiencing definite economic losses. Economists predict that Chinas financial growth will slow down considerably. However, if the outbreak is contained soon then the economy will be back on track and there won’t be any major loss. Global airline revenue, on the other hand, could fall by around 4-5 billion dollars due to the multiple flight cancellations caused by the outbreak.

Is there a cure to Coronavirus?

There are two antiviral drugs currently being tested by Chinese scientists and the results are expected to be determined in a couple of weeks. However, it is exciting to note that plasma infusions from patients who had recovered do show promising results. Until the new drugs are not tested properly, however, doctors continue to treat patients with the best drugs and treatments that are currently on the market.


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