Does auto insurance cover damage from drunk driving accidents in Alsen?

Alsen, LA – Even though it is illegal to do so, many drivers cause crashes in Louisiana and other states after consuming drugs or alcohol. This creates a number of problems, and one of the most significant is paying for things like medical treatment for the victims and property damage caused by the driver. Civil accident lawsuits are generally the best way for the victim to get financial assistance, regardless of what happens with any criminal charges against the driver. After any accident it is important for the victim to get legal advice that is specific to their situation in order to make the best decisions regarding lawsuits and auto insurance issues. 

Civil lawsuits against drivers who are at fault

A person who is injured during a drunk driving accident can always try to sue the person at fault for compensation. This is true regardless of whether the person has applicable insurance coverage or not, although it may be difficult to collect money from a driver who is not covered. The civil case focuses on showing evidence of negligence, whether this includes showing their intoxication at the time of the crash or other issues. If the victim can successfully negotiate a settlement after filing the case, they may receive large sums of money to cover their medical costs and time away from work if their losses justify such an amount. These large amounts of compensation are most likely to be available if the person is seriously hurt or disabled during the accident. 

Is a drunk driver covered by their own liability policy?

Every car insurance policy has slightly different terms that depend on the company providing the insurance. These terms can include situations where liability coverage does or does not apply for various reasons and to limit the amounts that the company has to pay out when drivers do something wrong or illegal. Certain illegal actions, such as causing an accident while intoxicated, may void the policy or result in the provider not covering the damage. If the insurance coverage does not apply, the driver may have to use their own money to cover the victim’s losses after a successful lawsuit. The driver can also be ordered to pay restitution to the victim as part of their criminal case if they are convicted. 

Drunk driving accident lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with clients in Alsen and throughout the state of Louisiana to provide help. Their attorneys can provide advice about DUI accident lawsuits and other related matters.

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