Some nursing home patients are subjected to various types of abuse including being provided with incorrect amounts of prescription medication.
An Illinois nursing home is under high speculation as claims have been made that the facility allows fentanyl to “lie around like candy.” The synthetic form of the opioid fentanyl is “roughly 100 times stronger than prescription morphine and has been responsible for several overdoses in the area” according to While this form of fentanyl is prescribed for patients who have undergone surgery, it can sometimes fall into the wrong hands, such as those who deal drugs who use it to cut heroin into a mix that is known to be deadly. Because of the strength of this drug, and the demand for it, it would be assumed that it is kept locked away from anyone who should not have access to it.
However, while you would imagine facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals would keep it out of reach of those who aren’t permitted to access it, someone recently reached out to Chuck Goudie of the ABC 7 I-Team alleging otherwise.

Westchester Health Nursing Home Accused of Allowing Medication to Fall into the Hands of Just About Anyone

According to a recent news report, Goudie received a mysterious package which had an Oak Park postmark on it and contained a box of prescription fentanyl. The box was received by the ABC mailroom and contained no return address. Obviously, whoever sent the package was looking to conceal their identity but wanted to bring awareness to what might be a serious issue not only in the Westchester Health nursing home but in many other long-term care facilities across the state of Illinois.
That issue involves nursing home patients overdosing of prescription medication.
If you have a loved one living in a nursing home and you believe they are being abused, neglected, or mistreated, contact the Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd today and schedule your consultation with a licensed and experienced Chicago nursing home abuse attorney. Nursing home abuse ranges in severity and form but one thing to be mindful of is that overdosing is a form of abuse and a valid reason to file suit.
While the sender of the package remained anonymous, the prescription itself was written for a Gail Sevcik, 75, who passed away two weeks after the date the prescription was filled. ABC reached out to Sevcik’s husband who stated that his wife had been placed on several different medications when she was admitted into Westchester Hospital. Sevcik’s doctor’s name was stamped on the box and a handwritten envelope that read “they lie around like candy.” Emmanuel Paintsil, who was the prescribing doctor, claims someone may have grabbed the box and sent it to ABC News and that these medications are secured and kept out of reach of anyone who isn’t permitted to have access to them.

Overdosing in Nursing Homes is a Threatening Issue to Those Residing in These Facilities

While an investigation is being conducted as the nursing home facility already has poor state ratings, it is important for anyone who may believe their elderly loved one is being mistreated or fed medication improperly to come forward with your claims.
Medication overdoses not only lead to worsened conditions but can also bring upon death. If you are in need of legal advice, call 312-384-1920 and speak with a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer now at the Dinizulu Law Group and they will inform you of the actions you can take against the negligent nursing home.

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