The roadway has become a rather dangerous place nowadays as each day that passes, multiple auto accidents are reported. While some aren’t as serious as others, there are plenty involving motorists of all ages being killed in these crashes. On Sunday, August 5th, a driver died at the scene of an accident after striking a tractor-trailer in Charlotte.
WBTV reported that the incident occurred around 1:00 a.m. near the 3700 block of The Plaza. Apparently, the driver of a Ford Mustang was heading northeast on The Plaza when it switched lanes and then struck a 2014 Volvo tractor-trailer on the left side. While the truck driver stopped immediately after being hit, the Mustang continued moving. It then rolled into the front yard of a home where it struck a tree as well as a 2013 Nissan Altima that had been parked there.
When emergency medical personnel arrived at the crash site, they pronounced the operator of the Mustang dead at the scene.
Detectives who arrived interviewed the truck driver and screened him/her for impairment. They didn’t detect that the trucker was impaired and ruled that out as the cause of the accident. Instead, they determined that excessive speed and a lack of seat belt use were contributing factors that caused the Mustang driver, who has been identified as 30-year-old Richard Andrew Brandon Cox, to become the victim of the fatal accident.

27-Year-Old Killed in Accident on I-40 Involving Concrete Truck

Another man lost his life in an unfortunate accident in Raleigh, NC at the end of July. Austin Webster was only 27-years-old and was the son of former Chatham County Sheriff Richard Webster. The 27-year-old had been driving east on I-40 just before the South Saunders Street Exit, according to ABC 11. At that time, traffic was backed up quite a bit and many vehicles were stopped. During the time Webster was waiting for traffic to move, a cement mixer truck driver was in the process of changing lanes and failed to realize that traffic was stopping.
That is when he crashed into the back of Webster’s vehicle.
Although the truck driver was said to only have been going 40 mph, the impact caused several vehicles to spin out of control and hit others. Five other cars were involved in the wreck. One of those vehicles belonged to Julisa Brown, 25. Brown told the news outlet that she was heading to her mother’s home in South Raleigh for dinner and waiting to exit off at South Saunders. She recounted the moments that led to her being hospitalized. Brown said she first heard a screeching and then a “boom” and saw cars spinning and hitting each other.
She said that when she finally opened her eyes, she saw Webster’s vehicle and only hoped that he had survived given the extent of the damage that was done. But after being transported to the hospital and receiving treatment for her neck and back injuries as well as torn leg muscles, she learned that Webster had not survived. That was Brown’s first car accident and was probably one of the more severe types of accidents that occur on our roadways. The source also highlighted that the trucker, 33-year-old Giovanni Bilotta, was charged by Raleigh police with failure to reduce speed and misdemeanor death by vehicle.
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Accidents involving large trucks are not only traumatic but also lead to serious and even fatal injuries. That is why drivers are always encouraged to pay attention to the vehicles around them as well as the flow of traffic up ahead.
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