A community is mourning the death of a garbage truck worker after he was struck by a pickup truck and killed. According to Cincinnati Patch, David Evans, 52, was out working his route when a driver came up and hit the garbage truck from behind. Evans had been putting the garbage he had collected into the truck at the time of the incident. Although the source wasn’t able to confirm how fast the pickup truck driver was traveling, the incident occurred on a 35-mph roadway. Unfortunately, some of the residents who live in the nearby area said that “drivers frequently go faster” than the legal speed limit.
When medics arrived at the scene, they transported Evans to Miami Valley Hospital and that is where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the pickup suffered minor injuries and was also taken to the hospital. Investigators assigned to the accident were able to determine that Evans was following the required protocol and had his safety lights on at the time he was collecting the garbage. It has not yet been reported whether the driver will face charges for the incident.
Evans had been employed as a sanitation worker for Rumpke for nearly 15 years and was liked by many. Sadly, accidents involving sanitation workers are more common than you might think which is why “lawmakers in Ohio recently passed legislation mandating that drivers slow down when passing a stopped garbage truck.” If you weren’t aware, trash and recycling collectors rank as having the fifth most dangerous job in America out of nine others, according to Time.

Here’s what you can do to help keep sanitation workers safe.

It is important as a motorist who shares the roadway with sanitation workers that you are cautious and careful when driving nearby to garbage trucks or those that may be stopped. Some things you can start doing to help prevent an accident involving a sanitation worker include:

  1. Slow down. If you find yourself traveling behind a garbage truck, slow down and stop if necessary so that “your waste and recycling workers can complete their job safely.”
  2. Keep an eye out for workers. Before passing a stopped garbage truck, be on the lookout for sanitation workers who might be walking to or from their vehicle.
  3. Check for traffic. Before you decide to pass a garbage truck, you also will want to check for traffic headed in the opposite direction before attempting to go around the stopped truck. “This protects the garbage truck drivers as well as yourself from any potential accidents.”
  4. Avoid engaging in anything that is distracting. Never text and drive or do anything else that will deter your attention away from the roadway. When approaching a garbage truck, avoid changing the radio or traveling at a fast rate of speed as you don’t want to hit a garbage worker who might be standing next to their vehicle.

[Source: Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.].
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