Drivers in Anchorage need to know how they can be sued for negligence

Anchorage, AK – Most civil cases that are filed after a motor vehicle accident in Alaska and other states attempt to argue that the defendant driver was negligent. This means that they breached the required standard of care while operating their vehicle, and caused various types of harm to one or more other people. These types of cases also allow the victim to ask for things like payment for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and future damage to their earning potential and income. Many car accident attorneys in Alaska focus a significant amount of time dealing with these issues. 

Standard traffic violations

The reason that laws against speeding, improper lane changes, and going through stop signs exist is because these behaviors are likely to result in accidents and create other dangers on the roads. A driver who was in the process of violating a traffic law when they caused a crash can have evidence of this violation used to show negligence in a civil lawsuit. It is likely that any such violation will be considered a deviation from the appropriate standard of care expected of all drivers. Evidence of the traffic violations can come in the form of witness testimony, surveillance footage, citations from police, or another driver’s observations.

Distracted driving laws

Because distractions from cell phones and other electronic devices have become such a common cause of motor vehicle accidents, their use while driving is now illegal in many jurisdictions. Data related to collisions has consistently shown that when a person takes their eyes off of the road to use a phone or other item, they are much more likely to be involved in a crash and seriously injure someone. If there is proof that the person was using their phone when they caused an accident, this is strong evidence of negligence and it can affect the determination of fault and settlement negotiations when a lawsuit is in the process of concluding.  

Intoxicated driving

All drivers should be aware that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal. Aside from criminal penalties issued by the state against the defendant, drivers who hurt another person may have to pay for their injuries through a civil lawsuit as well. If the driver at fault has also been charged with a crime related to driving while intoxicated, it may be difficult to defend against these accusations in a civil case for compensation, as violating such a serious traffic law is clearly negligence. 

Legal advice following a car crash in Alaska

Anyone who needs more information about these issues can get in contact with local car accident attorneys in the Anchorage area. A licensed lawyer can explain more about the process to receive compensation through a lawsuit during an initial meeting. 

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