Fort Myers, FL – Many motor vehicle accidents also result in some kind of traffic citations. There are times when these citations may even include criminal charges and require separate court appearances. In terms of a civil lawsuit where at least one of the drivers violated a traffic law, this can become a trial issue to help determine who was at fault for the collision. An injury attorney for the plaintiff will have an easier time proving their case if they can point to traffic violations by a defendant business or person.  

Evidence of improper driving and violations of traffic laws

When either driver receives traffic tickets or a criminal case related to their behavior leading up to an accident, this can be an important piece of evidence. The attorney for the opposing side can use this information as evidence of negligence, and argue that the driver was at fault for the accident based on the fact that the law enforcement officers on the scene believed the driver violated relevant traffic laws.

In a trial setting the ultimate issue regarding who is at fault will still need to be decided by a jury, regardless of the existence of traffic citations. However, the parties may consider settling instead of going to trial if evidence related to reckless driving by one of the parties involved is presented. Settlements tend to save time and money if the outcome is clear before trial day.  

The attorney for the plaintiff will use all of the available evidence, including driving patterns and traffic violations, to show that the defendant should be responsible for paying for things like lost income, hospital stays and treatment, and emotional trauma caused by the accident.  

Insurance issues and traffic violations

Auto insurance claims can also create additional problems after an accident. The claim may not be covered under the specifics of a policy, or the coverage may be insufficient to cover all of the losses sustained as the result of a serious accident. In situations where a driver was charged or cited, this may also cause the provider to void the coverage, or assess additional charges on the policy that must be paid if the driver intends on remaining covered. 

As a general rule, most drivers should assume that a very serious accident will not be covered by a basic auto insurance policy, and legal assistance will be necessary to cover significant financial losses. 

Getting help from an attorney who handles accident issues in Florida

There are lawyers who are dedicated to assisting accident victims with the legal process and all steps necessary to receive proper compensation. The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb is an experienced firm in the Fort Myers area

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The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A.

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