If you were injured in a truck accident in Oregon, you more than likely would benefit from hiring a Portland, OR truck accident attorney to assist with your claim.
Fatigued driving continually adds to the increase in truck accidents across the U.S.
Our days are filled with endless tasks that continue to repeat themselves over and over again. It is no surprise that many individuals are tired, fatigued, and overall sleepy as each day brings new challenges and responsibilities. Unfortunately, many individuals who experience being overly tired or flat out fatigued continue to get behind the wheel of their vehicle and drive drowsy. While it is understandable that we have places to go, people to see, and deadlines to meet, drowsy driving continues to claim the lives of many individuals out on the roadways.
According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 2014 marked a tragic time as there were a reported 846 lives taken, and all from drowsy driving accidents.

A “Sleepy” Truck Driver in Portland Plows into Business

While statistics prove that there is a serious issue involving drivers who are fatigued and still out on the roadways, a recent news report highlights exactly why drivers, especially those who are behind the wheel for most of their day, should avoid engaging in the act completely if they are too tired to operate their vehicle.
In a report provided by East Portland News, it would appear that a large delivery truck drove his vehicle right into the wall of a business. The truck accident occurred around 6:30 a.m. on April 17th on 46 SE 82nd Avenue of Roses. The business is an All People Travel agency and thankfully nobody sustained any injuries.
Apparently, the truck driver was tired and first hit and damaged a wooden poll before crashing through the wall of the business. The Portland Fire & Rescue did arrive on scene where they assisted the driver out of the truck and the Portland Police commented that speeding may have been a contributing factor. It is likely that the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, wasn’t aware of the increased pressure he was applying to the gas pedal, and ultimately crashed into the building.
While nobody got hurt in this particular case, many big rig and semi-truck accidents often result in serious, life-threatening injuries. The truck driver or the company in which he works for is more than likely going to be held responsible and required to compensate for all the damages done.
Were you recently involved in a truck accident and aren’t sure how you can collect compensation for your injuries and/or property damage? USAttorneys.com can help you find a local Portland, OR truck accident lawyer who will assist you with this and much more. Truck accidents are often serious and sometimes fatal so it is vital you have the right type of legal representation to ensure your case is handled properly and fairly.

What Can be Done to Combat Drowsy Driving?

It is rather important to become aware of the fact that not only are drivers becoming increasingly distracted, but they are also driving while fatigued. Some things to become more aware of include:

  • Why drowsy driving is risky.
  • How you can prevent yourself from driving drowsy.
  • Signs and symptoms.
  • Strategies you can implement to deal with drowsy driving.

Being more cognizant of what you can do to avoid driving drowsy can help you avoid encountering an accident.

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