Drunk driver given lengthy prison sentence after killing a teenager

Glynn County, GA – A local 24 year old woman was sentenced for causing a fatal drunk driving accident in southern Glynn County in Georgia. She received a fifteen year sentence, with eight years of the term in prison and the other seven on supervised probation. The sentence was part of a plea deal for the charge of vehicular homicide. There was also a related hit and run charge due to the driver’s actions after the initial collision. 

The incident that resulted in the charges occurred back in February of 2019. The suspect was driving after attending a Super Bowl party when she struck and killed a 15 year old teenager. The accident report revealed that the victim was skateboarding when the suspect hit him with her car. She left the scene of this first collision, and then ran a stop sign and struck another vehicle at an intersection at the exit of the neighborhood. After the police arrived at the accident scene, they gave the suspect a sobriety test and found that she had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.22, which is several times the legal limit of .08 for all drivers in the state of Georgia. Even though she was arrested that night and only charged with a DUI initially, the victim’s body was found early the next morning near the side of the road. More charges were added for leaving the scene of a fatal accident and vehicular homicide. An investigation revealed that the impact of the crash with the teenager forced him into the windshield and then off into a ditch near the roadway. 

The police learned that the suspect, a 21 year old at the time, had consumed alcohol at a bar, and then went and drank more alcoholic beverages at a party in the neighborhood where the accident happened. 

Drunk driving accidents

People who drive after consuming drugs or alcohol can face serious penalties in every state. Especially if the drunk driving crash results in injuries or fatalities, the driver can face felony charges that carry lengthy prison sentences. It is also possible that victims and their families can bring civil lawsuits to receive compensation for their injuries and other losses such as time away from work. These costs can add up to several thousand or even millions of dollars if the accident was severe.  

Anyone who is charged with a crime also has the right to receive legal advice from defense attorneys near me. Because all charges related to drunk driving are serious and have long term consequences, it is important for individuals who have been charged to speak with a lawyer before accepting a plea deal or making other important decisions. A defense lawyer can also represent the person if the case needs to go to trial.





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