Drunk driver who caused a chain reaction crash in California convicted of 2nd degree murder. 

California – November 3, 2021

A freeway crash in Southern California  resulted in a chain reaction crash that left six people injured, one person fatally. The driver was recently convicted of second-degree murder  because he had twice the legal limit of blood alcohol after he left a party in Anaheim, California, and decided to drive south on I-5, thinking it was I-15.  He rear-ended a Prius at more than 100 mph, and a tow truck driver helped him get out of his car because he had passed out, but the vehicle remained on the freeway causing a multi-vehicle pile-up, resulting in debris and disabled vehicles strewn across the lanes.  He was also convicted of driving under the influence and causing great bodily injury. Consultation with an experienced attorney is a prudent decision after a drunk driving accident in California.

Criminal negligence impacts civil suit outcomes.

Alcohol-impaired driving (DUI) fatalities decreased 4.5% from 1,116 in 2018 to 1,066 in 2019, yet motor vehicle operators need to take the action of driving under the influence more seriously in order to avoid injury, or death to themselves, or innocent drivers on California roadways. The severe verdict in the criminal action may impose more severe penalties on the driver to include jail time, fines, penalties, loss of a driver’s license, ignition interlock device installation, and result in a higher damage compensation award in any civil cases related to the same accident.  An experienced drunk driving accident attorney can apprise accident victims on possible outcomes and court timelines that must be followed in each case.

Damages award.

An injury lawyer in California can assist family members with insurance claims to cover immediate expenses related to medical expenses, and funeral and burial costs when drunk driving causes deadly crashes.  They will also research the particulars of a case for further damage compensation to include lost wages, medical bills, property replacement, and pain and suffering once fault has been established.

Comparative negligence. 

California law requires all drivers to be responsible for their actions and damage compensation is adjusted in accordance with a percentage of fault assigned to each driver involved in a crash. If the accident was caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, or other drugs, a DUI, or drug-related criminal conviction may have some bearing on the outcome of the civil actions initiated, insurance carrier responsibility and comprehensive compensation.

Hire an attorney.

 Winning a civil lawsuit may require the expert testimony of accident scene re-constructionists, financial professionals, and medical professionals to convey the need for higher awards based on catastrophic injury requiring long term medical treatment, prolonged pain, and suffering, and continued negative impacts to financial stability through diminished, or lost earnings, or lost earnings and loss of companionship caused by fatality.  Seek legal counsel immediately after a car crash involving a drunk driver that results in fatal injury, bodily harm, and property damage.  Consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer who understands the impacts of DUI criminal charges resulting in wrongful death or injury can guide positive actions toward damage compensation and insurance settlement actions.



Drunk driver who caused chain reaction crashes in Calif. that killed mom, 24, convicted of 2nd-degree murder | Fox News






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