DUI Lawyer Offers Advice About What to Do At DUI Checkpoints in Mississippi

TUPELO, Mississippi. Sobriety checkpoints are not legal in all states, but if you live in Mississippi, sobriety checkpoints are permitted under the law. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, 12 states do not permit sobriety checkpoints based on state law or Constitutional interpretation. Even though you may face sobriety checkpoints in Mississippi, it is important to understand your rights. Officers are still required to follow proper procedure if they intend to arrest you and they are required to read you your rights. If you’re facing DUI charges after being stopped at a DUI checkpoint, contact the DUI criminal defense lawyers at the Bryson Law Firm P.L.L.C., to protect your rights.
If you do face a DUI sobriety checkpoint, what can you do to protect yourself? Some news outlets have been reporting about a DUI checkpoint flier that drivers can use when they encounter a DUI checkpoint. Drivers, when using the flier, press the flier to the window and do not roll down their windows. Users of the flier claim that officers have no legal right to ask drivers to roll down their window without probable cause or a warrant. However, there isn’t information on the success of the flier in Mississippi.
According to Fair DUI, another way you can handle encountering a DUI checkpoint is to simply invoke your right to remain silent. You can simply tell officers at a DUI checkpoint that you are asserting your right to remain silent. You will still need to comply with any requests that officers make, but you protect yourself from revealing any incriminating information. Don’t respond to questions and contact your qualified DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can review the circumstances or your stop and arrest, and fight for your rights if your rights have been violated.
Of course, in order to invoke your right to remain silent, this may mean you have to roll down your window. The reality is that by not rolling down your window, you could be giving officers probable cause to stop you. In many states, officers have not been pleased when drivers use signs invoking their right to remain silent. At the end of the day, it is a good idea to speak to a DUI lawyer before taking any actions, or making a sign, especially if you have a prior DUI conviction.
Being convicted of a DUI can have serious consequences on your future. Individuals may have difficulty finding work or getting certain kinds of federal aid. The costs of a DUI are also immense. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, either because you were pulled over by an officer, or because you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint, you have certain rights and protections under the law. You also have the right to ask for a lawyer if you are being arrested. Visit http://www.brysonlawfirmpllc.com to learn more about your rights.

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