A rather serious truck collision occurred in Ohio on Thursday, June 14ththat involved a dump truck that had been traveling through Bucyrus, which is approximately an hour and a half away from Toledo. The trucker was driving along U.S. 30 when his tire blew out between the Ohio 98 and County Road exists causing his vehicle to crash into the guardrail, according to the Telegraph-Forum. The truck then fell into the Sandusky River in the median of the highway.
The Ohio Highway Patrol troopers, Liberty Township Fire Department, and the Ohio Department of Transportation all arrived on the accident scene to secure it and assess the damage, remove the wreckage, and clean up the area. A medical helicopter also arrived to pick up the driver and transport him to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. The source did not indicate the extent of his injuries or his condition, however, it is likely they were severe seeing that he had to be transported by helicopter.
Crews also had to work to remove the truck from the river in the median causing major delays in traffic. The eastbound lanes of U.S. 30 were closed for at least an hour, however, the westbound lanes were closed for several hours around the immediate crash area. A spokesperson for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency did issue a notice of violation to the trucking company after less than 25 gallons of engine oil and fuel from the truck spilled into the river, which caused a sheen. An environmental contractor was called to the scene to clean the sheen from the water.
Although it isn’t clear what led to the tire to blow out in this particular accident, whether it was caused by something in the roadway or someone neglected to inspect the tires prior to it being driven, it is important that truckers remember to inspect their trucks before taking off.

Truckers are Reminded to Always Inspect Their Truck Prior to Driving it

As a trucker in Ohio, it is crucial for your safety and the others around you that you inspect your tires to be sure they can handle the trip.
One of the responsibilities of a truck driver is that they are required to conduct a thorough inspection prior to departing to their destination. While each type of truck may require a different type of inspection, it is important you use the checklist your employer provided you with to ensure you are meeting all requirements and following through with your duties.
Aside from abiding by the trucking regulations set in Ohio, inspecting your truck is also a good way to identify any hazards that could lead to an accident occurring. For instance, you should check your tires to be certain they are in good working condition, ensure that your load is tied down given you are transporting something, and that the rest of your truck is ready for the drive. And if you find that something isn’t right or potentially dangerous, inform your employer rather than take the risk and drive it.
As you probably already know, truck crashes are known to cause serious damage and even severe injuries and you don’t want to become another victim of one of these accidents. However, if you are employed in the trucking industry and were recently involved in a truck crash in Ohio, now would be a good time to contact Toledo, OH truck accident lawyer James L. Schuller, ESQ.at 419-535-0311. Attorney Schuller will work hard to ensure you are properly compensated for the injuries you have sustained so that you can afford the medical treatment necessary and focus on recovering.
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