The Southaven Police Department received a call back in April from residents of Desoto County who claimed they witnessed teens “joyriding” in a school bus. Mark Little, who is the Southaven Police Department Captain, confirmed that eight teens managed to break into two school buses on a Sunday and even located the keys to both the vehicles. The teens allegedly took the buses for a joyride around the school and were even responsible for causing some damage to a fence that surrounds the school bus yard.
One officer stated that the “teenagers thought the bus barn behind Desoto Central Elementary, Middle, and High schools was a play area” which is why they are now facing some rather serious charges. Fox 13 reported that all eight juveniles were arrested and charged with malicious mischief and conspiracy to commit a crime. The malicious mischief charge stems from the damage the teens caused to both the fence and the bus which could cost them well over a thousand dollars and would result in a felony charge.
The teenagers that were arrested are between the ages of 14 and 17 and six of them were students who attended Desoto Central Middle and High School. The other two teens were students who attended other schools in Desoto County. All of the students were suspended from school for three days and their criminal cases are being heard in a juvenile court. It wasn’t clear whether the teens were being represented by a criminal defense attorney, however, it would be in their best interest as they may be able to get the charges reduced from a felony so that their criminal record doesn’t reflect such a serious charge.

Lamar County School Bus Slides Off Road and Crashes with Another Vehicle

While some school buses are being broken into in the state of Mississippi, others are getting involved in accidents.
During that same month, a Lamar County School bus was involved in a wreck with another vehicle on Route 589. The bus was carrying five students that were headed to a culinary class when their bus went off the roadway and into a grassy area. WDAM shared a photo of the accident scene and in it, you can see the bus nearly tipped all the way to its side and learning on a small passenger vehicle. Sumrall police and Lamar County Sheriff’s deputies both reported to the accident scene and had medics transport one student along with the bus driver to an area hospital. Both the student and the bus driver were said to have suffered from minor injuries. The driver of the other vehicle also suffered minor injuries, but thankfully, everyone survived the traumatic bus accident.
If your child was involved in an accident while riding the school bus, consider speaking with a bus crash lawyer in Southaven, MS who can determine which parties are liable for the collision and whether your child is entitled to collect compensation as a reuslt of it.
While the kids on board the bus are lucky to be alive and free from serious injuries, these types of accidents are traumatic and could potentially affect their ability to climb aboard a bus again. Because serious collisions tend to result in both physical and mental injuries, it is always a good idea to learn more about your legal rights if your child happened to be involved in a bus crash in Southaven, MS. You may be entitled to collect compensation on your child’s behalf that can help cover the costs associated with medical treatment or even therapy so that you don’t have to pay for it yourself.
If you would like to learn more about how you can file a personal injury claim in MS in order to collect this compensation, contact and let us find you a skilled bus crash attorney in Southaven, MS who can provide you with the legal assistance you need.

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