El Paso students warned of the dangers of drunk driving

El Paso, TX – Drunk driving is a huge problem in Texas and minors are at a greater risk. First of all, they have little experience with alcohol and don’t realize they are unable to drive. Then, they have little experience driving, they may panic, lose control of the vehicle, and crash into another car, ruining their lives as well as the lives of the passengers in the other car.
According to statistics, 1 in 5 Texas high school students had their first drink of alcohol before they were 13. By the time they get their driver’s license, many of them consume alcohol regularly.
This is the reason why this year local authorities in El Paso issued a heartfelt plea to the youngsters in their city, urging them to refrain from drinking and driving. The “More Thinking, Less Drinking” initiative was timed to correspond with the upcoming graduation season and subsequent summer vacation.

I’ve seen a lot of young people who had hopes and dreams of doing great things that, because of one decision, decided to get behind the wheel because they’re intoxicated or on some other substance, end their life,” Marc Couch of the Texas Department of Public Safety told the students at Austin High School in El Paso.

One of the most moving speeches was that of a former Austin High School student, Arturo Huerta, an old man still grieving for the two daughters he lost in separate drunk driving accidents in 1994 and 1997.
Many of you don’t understand the ramifications of drinking and driving, what can actually happen. Because once that death occurs, in a wreck, after being involved in such a crash, it’s not just that one moment, it’s a lifetime of hurting that never goes away,” Huerta said.

Who is liable for damages in a drunk driving accident caused by a minor in El Paso?

Drunk driving accidents caused by a minor are very challenging when it comes to recovering damages. In such a case, you should talk to some seasoned El Paso DWI accident lawyers right away. Here are a few ways to get compensated for your losses:

Suing the parents of the minor who causes a drunk driving accident

Unlike other states, in Texas parents are not automatically responsible for the negligence of their teen drivers. Your Texas accident lawyers will have to prove that the parents were negligent and failed to exercise their duty of control and reasonable discipline of the child. The parents can be accused of negligence if they entrust a vehicle to a teen who they know to be reckless or driving under the influence.

Holding a bar owner responsible

It is illegal to sell alcohol to minors under the age of 21 in Texas. Under the Dram Shop Law, you may be able to sue the owner of an establishment that provided alcohol to a minor. Your Texas DWI accident lawyers will have to conduct their own investigation into the case. They need to show that the staff at the bar did not check the driver’s ID and they also made no effort to stop the youngster from leaving the premises and getting into their car.

Suing a social host

In Texas, adult social hosts are liable for damages when they provide alcohol to unrelated minors, under the age of 18.

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