Truck accidents commonly result in the death of the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle, and this is what recurred recently on the roads of El Paso, Texas. A semi-truck and two other vehicles got into a serious collision that resulted in the death of a passenger. Both vehicles hit each other head-on, and the accident caused the smaller vehicle to catch on fire. An investigation of the case uncovered that the passenger vehicle had been driving the wrong way and the prospect of alcohol consumption is also anticipated until further evidence is brought forward.

In such cases, even though the occupant of the smaller vehicle lost their lives, all the evidence points to them having practiced a high level of negligence so compensatory damages for the grieving family members are questionable. However, anytime anyone loses a loved one in a car accident, they should reach out to a car accident attorney as soon as possible to better understand their legal standing and what options they have available to them to recover damages.

Whenever a significant collision takes place, it becomes the duty of the drivers involved to contact the police and relevant authorities such as an ambulance as soon as they can. Once the police officers arrive at the site of the accident, they will conduct an initial investigation and the purpose of the investigation is to determine who caused the accident and to determine fault. Officers are usually highly trained in all aspects regarding traffic, so whatever they put down in their report can play a significant role in court as evidence of fault. When speaking to the officers, individuals should make sure they only state the facts and that they do not say more than they have to as their words will almost always be used against them.

Who will carry out a truck accident investigation in El Paso, Texas?

Truck accidents differ significantly from regular accidents, even when it comes down to the point of legal investigations. In regular crashes, the police will generally conduct the investigation alone, but with truck accidents, other institutions such as the Texas Highway Safety Patrol, and the National Transportation Safety Board may also step in to determine what caused the accident.

Truck accident laws are significantly different from ordinary collision law and anyone who finds themselves in an accident should reach out to a truck accident attorney as soon as possible so they can initiate a thorough investigation and get the compensation they deserve to help them pay for all the damages they were forced to suffer at the hands of the truck driver and trucking company.

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