Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren announced on Thursday that she will be ending her campaign to secure the nomination for the Democratic party’s presidential candidate. The decision came after she did not win a single state in the primaries, and landed a disappointing third place finish in her home state of Massachusetts. After Super Tuesday it seemed that there was no realistic way that she would secure the party’s nomination. 

When commenting on the possibility of a female president, Warren expressed regret and said that American girls will have to wait another four years to see their dreams realized. She also commented that she will continue to fight for the American values of honor and decency in any way possible. Warren said that she will persist, but in a new form in the immediate future. 

Reporters interviewed Warren outside of her Massachusetts home shortly after the announcement, and one of their first questions was about who she will support going forward. She declined to comment about supporting either Biden or Sanders and said that she will wait to make a decision. 

Warren performed well in most of the primary debates, especially against Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York, but these performances did not necessarily translate into votes. Her campaign was also financed almost exclusively by small donors, which made her an anomaly in the race. However, a large super PAC did give her a surge of millions in cash before Super Tuesday. This was done to assist when it appeared that her campaign was in legitimate danger. 

Warren seemed to struggle at times to find policies that would resonate with all progressive and Democrat voters. Both Warren and Sanders support a version of Medicare for All that caused some controversy and may alienate voters. Many critics believe that large amounts of tax dollars, mostly coming from middle class workers, would be used to fund the plan. Warren also received a mix of criticism and support for plans to end student loan debt immediately if elected.  

Two man race begins

It now seems that either former Vice President Joe Biden or Senator Bernie Sanders will compete against Donald Trump for the presidency in November’s election. The two men have been frontrunners in polls for most of the last several months, although Warren came close at a number of points in time and briefly led during October and November. Biden is now the current leader with the most number of delegates to his name. 

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is still technically in the race, but she only has one delegate. 

Some Democrats feel that their party made a mistake

Many voters are frustrated that the Democratic party may not field a candidate that reflects their values of diversity and inclusivity. At this point, it does not seem that either a woman or person of color has a chance at securing the nomination. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who identifies as a gay man, also dropped out of the race recently. 

Warren did emphasize her gender and issues such as child care in her campaign. She did not want to comment specifically regarding whether she thought sexism was a factor in her losses, because she believes she will receive backlash regardless of the response. 

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