The EEOC Filed Their First Two Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

Diversity is evident in the United States today. Our country makeup consists of those from various backgrounds, encompassed with individuals who practice different religions, and have preference to their sexual orientation. As diverse as the country may be, regardless of an employer’s feelings toward any individual working for them, never should they allow their beliefs to affect how they treat their employees. Not only is it unethical, but many times may even be considered illegal.

Pennsylvania employment and labor law attorneys

Employment and labor law attorneys in Pennsylvania can confirm that discrimination is still an issue today, and many are subjected to such mistreatment in the work field. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), “on July 15, 2015, EEOC, in a federal sector decision, determined that sexual orientation discrimination is, by its very nature, discrimination because of sex.”

Labor and employment lawyers identify sexual orientation discrimination as either:

  • An employee who is treated “less favorably” because their sexual orientation may be a confusing concept to understand without relating it to sex.
  • An individual who is judged and treated immorally based on the “sex stereotypes and gender norms,” and employment decisions are based on the current individual’s portrayal of them.
  • A person who is subjected to punishment based on their sexual orientation and their “association with members of a particular sex, such as marital and other personal relationships.”

The first lawsuit employment law legal representatives bring to you involved a gay male, who at the time worked for Scott Medical Health Center, and was reportedly “subjected to harassment because of his sexual orientation.” The EEOC highlighted some of the inappropriate and unlawful behavior that occurred leaving this Pennsylvania man offended, and jobless.

Some of the behaviors exemplified by his manager included him:

  • Consistently referring “to him using various anti-gay epithets.”
  • Making offensive comments regarding his sex life and his sexuality.

While Pennsylvania labor law attorneys advise victims of such unfair treatment to report the issue to someone higher up, not always will you receive the answer you hope for. This man did just that and was left with no other options but to hire an employment and labor law legal representative to step in and rectify the situation seeing that the clinic director believed his employer was “just doing his job.” Eventually, because of this misconduct, the employee quit his job.

Employment law lawyers share the second suit filed involving a Maryland woman who identified herself as lesbian, and was subjected to endless comments made by her employer “regarding her sexual orientation and appearance.” As she attempted to resolve the situation and complain, she was fired as a form of retaliation for her discontent.

In any case, whether you are being discriminated based on your gender, or your sexual orientation, there are ways to fight against this immoral treatment, and that can be done with the assistance of a Pennsylvania labor law legal representative. They not only have the ability to obtain justice for this violation of rights, but can also regain compensation for lost wages and damages incurred.


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