Did McDonalds Racially Discriminate Against Its Workers?

On nearly every block one is bound to encounter a McDonalds franchise as they are one of the leading fast food companies in the industry. With their well-known logos, and their tasty French fries, McDonald’s seemed to have been facing more than customers through the drive thru window. Back in January, 2015, Daily News highlighted claims being made acknowledging a specific McDonalds location in Virginia that allegedly fired their African American employees and hired white workers instead.

employment and labor attorney VirginiaWith the growth made in recent years regarding race and discrimination, still to this day Virginia employment and labor law attorneys are called for support against an employer or company who has mistreated their workers on the sole basis of their race, without acknowledging their abilities and qualifications that they bring to the table.

Apparently in this case, there were approximately 15 African American employees who claimed they were fired from their Virginia location simply because “they didn’t fit the profile.”

Employment law legal representatives want you to be mindful of the fact that while many companies hold the right to fire any employee at any given time that may not be under contract, it is unlawful and unethical to fire a worker simply because one does not believe they fit the profile the company is aiming to exhibit. While certain employers look for specific qualities that are required to complete the job, race is not one of those qualities that comes into play when being determined for a position or being let go.

Allegations were made against the owner of that particular McDonalds franchise, Michael Simon, stating he dismissed his employees because of the simple fact that they didn’t match up to image he was trying to build for the company. It was also reported that before being fired, these employees were demeaned by supervisors using words such as “ghetto” when describing them, and complaints were made such as there were “too many black people in the store.”

Labor and employment attorneys in Virginia are specifically hired to represent those suffering from an employer’s wrongdoing or misconduct forced upon them. According to one of the victims involved in this corrupt McDonalds facility, she stated she was out of work for five months, and struggled to make ends meet when it came time to paying bills and purchasing school clothes for her children.

If you believe your boss unlawfully fired you using any form of discrimination, do not allow this immoral and illegal treatment keep you from providing for your family and their well-being. Speak with a labor law attorney in Virginia today who can further investigate the allegations made, and determine the plan of action in regaining compensation for your lost wages, as well as for the suffering imposed on you as a result of being fired.

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