Microsoft and the $2 Million Lawsuit It Received for the Bullying Occurring in the Workplace

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Going to work on a daily basis is something many citizens find themselves required to do in order to provide a way of living for themselves, as well as their family members. The constant stress we undergo just from the workload alone is tough, however, having to deal with co-workers who make the environment much harsher to deal with can often be unbearable. Bullying in the workplace is unlawful, and those who are exposed to this mistreatment can use the referenced case below to demonstrate how beneficial it is to have a labor and employment law attorney in Texas on your side, defending you against this abuse.

Texas employment and labor attorneyWhile most of us are aware of Microsoft, and the success the company has accomplished over the years, you may have overlooked a case involving a bullied worker that was reported back in October, 2014. Michael Mercieca, who was an employee for Microsoft, found himself in quite the debacle once he ended his relationship with a woman who went on to become his administrator.

Once the relationship had come to an end, his work conditions seemed to have become a bit more difficult to handle. Michael was subjected to sexist and racist comments, and unfortunately for him, human relations did nothing to put an end to it. With a clean record during his employment with Microsoft, he found himself consumed with the offensive workplace schemes plotted against him, and had to deal with supervisors undermining his work, false accusations of sexual harassment, and even hindered from receiving a promotion.

While it was recognized that some of the managers working for the company created a hostile work environment, Mercieca was dismissed from his position and allocated $11.6 million, however the judge reduced the amount. With a result such as this,  Mercieca decided to take on a Texas employment law legal representative in hopes of receiving more for the distress he suffered through.

Michael teamed up with two lawyers and were up against 250 of those representing Microsoft. After four years, Microsoft was required to pay $2 million in this drawn out case where an innocent man sustained much suffering from those co-workers around him that worked together, subjecting him to being bullied.

Cases such as this shed light on the fact that bullying can happen in any workplace environment. While it can be brought on by one individual, you can see it can also involve many more employees as well.

If you are a victim of bullying in the workplace, do not allow yourself to struggle with this immoral treatment on your own. Whether it is something minor, or you have lost your job because of your working conditions, be sure your employer is well aware of the situation. Should you require further assistance, contact one of our employment and labor lawyers in Texas who will take a stand and help you receive the compensation for the mistreatment and lost wages that was forced upon you.

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