Social Media Used to Harass a Disabled Co-Worker

The wave of technology is taking control of anything and everything we do. Whatever career path we choose, the routines we find ourselves in day in and day out, and the way we manage our lives all somehow include the use of technology. But when it used for the wrong reasons, and used to harass another individual, what are the repercussions for doing so, especially if it is conducted in the workplace? Employment and labor law attorneys in California warn citizens who may be or are considering conducting themselves in an unlawful manner over a social media platform to think wisely before doing so.

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Thinking Bigger noted a case involving an employee who suffered from disabilities and was made a mockery of when a co-worker took it upon themselves to create a blog where several workers posted harassing and derogatory comments about the employee. When the victim learned of this blog, he also gained knowledge of the fact that many more employees were engaging in such an unethical manner. And while no physical harm was done, the emotional damage that could be present is worth a fight which is why a California labor and employment lawyer was brought in to handle the case.

It turns out, the co-worker of the plaintiff used their employer’s computers where generic passwords and easily identifiable names were recognized. When the employer realized what was happening, they took action by blocking access to the website, however, it was noted by the court that they waited two months to do so.

In that timeframe, when the site could have and should have been blocked access to immediately, more unwarranted comments were posted. Because of this, employment law legal representatives in California were able to pursue with their client’s claim and ultimately walk away with $800,000 awarded for the damages caused.

While the employer argued that the blog posts was not feasible evidence because “it was separate from the workplace,” that was quickly over-ruled seeing that the employer’s computers were used at the job site to conduct such immoral treatment to one individual from many others. And because it took the employer as long as it did to shut down the site, the success of the case was easily decided on the plaintiff’s behalf.

Labor law attorneys are well aware not all working conditions are suitable for the lifestyle you wish to lead, and while you may not be completely satisfied with your role or the position you have decided to take on, exhibiting misconduct on another individual’s behalf is simply unethical and can be taken to the point where it becomes illegal.

Should you find yourself in a similar predicament where you are being harassed in the workplace, either by your employer or those co-workers around, don’t hesitate to take a stand and fight for justice against this wrongful behavior. California employment law legal representatives are only a phone call away and can lead you down the proper path to be sure those are recognized for their misconduct.

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