Are you Being Underpaid by Your Employer Due to Your Race or Gender?

Employment law attorneys in Michigan bring to you a hypothetical, yet very possible situation to imagine. You go for a job interview in which you have already obtained the proper schooling and degrees in order to successfully complete the duties outlined in the job offering. When you arrive, you see men and women of different races also waiting to interview. You receive the position, and later learn that a man who also was hired into the company, with less experience and schooling than you, are being paid a significant amount more than your starting salary. Is this fair?

Michigan employment and labor lawyersIn todays society, many companies require you to obtain a specific professional degree and training to successfully be accepted as an employee. Depending on the field you choose to go into will decide what type of schooling and the length of time you must attend in order to fully comply with the requirements the job of your choosing calls for. In the instance described above, why would a man who clearly is less qualified than the woman applying be given a higher salary rate?

Michigan employment and labor lawyers handle case of unfair treatment in the workplace all the time. Employees find themselves without a job so that another individual coming from another race can take their spot. Employers are not necessarily conspicuous with this sort of treatment when racial discrimination is occurring, however, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in the workplace.

As labor lawyers represent the many unfortunate victims of racial or gender discrimination from their employers, it is important to keep in mind that an employer has the right to hire who they want, they just cannot deny someone of a position or a higher salary on the sole basis of their gender or race.

What should you do if you believe you are being unfairly treated by your employer?

Before jumping to the conclusion that you have been racially discriminated against or are being paid lower than another simply due to your gender relation, consult with your administrator and be up front with them regarding your concern.

There are many ways you can professionally address this, and simply inquiring about your pay rate along with the experience you bring is one way to handle the situation.

It is generally not in an employer’s character to discuss other employees pay rates, and it even goes against some of the rules within the company. However, if you are learning that many of newly hired males are being paid an increased salary with less experience than the females, you may want to look into speaking with a labor and employment law legal representative in Michigan who can provide you with knowledgeable insight as to the different ways you may go about in handling this situation.

Often times is can be a burden to provide proof you are being wrongfully treated by your employer, therefore, is is advisable to hire a Michigan employment law attorney who knows the exact actions to take to determine if you have a viable case on your hands.

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