The coronavirus has finally been declared a global pandemic, officially by the World Health Organization. Countries all over the world have responded to this official statement by increasing their preventative measures to hopefully decrease the spread of the virus. Donald Trump put forth a travel ban which is to last for 30 days. The ban forbids travel to some areas of Europe, however, Americans are still allowed to travel to the United Kingdom.

There have been more than 120,000 cases across the world and death tolls are rising rapidly and have risen above 4,500. The virus originally started in Wuhan, China, but officials have given the good news that the virus has stopped spreading rapidly over there and the community seems to be recovering well from the lockdown they endured when the outbreak was first discovered.

Since these extreme measures of public quarantine and self-isolation seem to have done the trick for China, the rest of the world is following suit, especially areas that were hit harder than others.

Italy is following in China’s steps and has banned individuals from leaving their homes unless they are traveling for work, stocking supplies, traveling for healthcare reasons, or they are experiencing an emergency. The hope is the fewer opportunities individuals have of being near others, the fewer chances of the virus spreading.

How bad is coronavirus in the United States?

With over 1300 cases confirmed as of yesterday, The United States has the eight highest amount of cases globally. The concerning matter is that the virus is spreading rapidly, and healthcare officials seem to be unsure of what measures should be taken in the States to prevent this rapid distribution.

President Trump has limited travel to certain parts of Europe for now, and Gatherings of more than 250 people have been banned in both Oregon and California. Officials are also warning all individuals to reconsider their travel plans and to avoid going abroad unless they feel it is necessary. More action may be taken over the next few weeks as the spread of the virus is monitored closely.

Vice President Mike Pence further tried to encourage individuals to go in for a test if they feel like they are developing symptoms by announcing that the cost for coronavirus testing would be covered by Medicare and individuals should not refrain from getting tested simply because they fear it will be too much of an expense for them.

With such extreme measures being taken, there are chances that the coronavirus will finally stop spreading at such a rapid rate, and society can continue to function as normal again. Of course, even after the virus has been controlled it will take some time for the economy and stock markets to recover, but Trump has made it clear that he believes the health of the community comes first and once the virus is taken care of, all official efforts will turn to stabilize the economy.


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