Many different factors need to be taken into consideration by a legal professional after a truck accident occurs. A thorough investigation will have to be carried out to determine who was at fault for the collision and who should pay for the damages that were suffered.

Out of the various points that will be examined, the following factors will be given utmost importance during the professional truck accident investigation process:

  • The number of hours the truck driver had been driving
  • The status of the truckload and whether it had been properly loaded or not
  • The mental fitness of the driver while operating their vehicle
  • Whether the truck driver had been distracted behind the wheel or not
  • The proper licensing and training status of the truck driver
  • The driver’s logs and trucking company records

When the investigation is carried out, if it turns out that the truck driver or the trucking company were guilty of violating the laws and the driver had been operating for longer hours then allowed, or the driver’s logs and trucking company records are not legitimate, then both the driver and the company can be held legally responsible for causing the accident due to their negligence.

Seeking compensation after a truck accident in Jackson, Mississippi

Once a person has discerned who is responsible for their injuries and the other harm they suffered, they can seek both economic and non-economic damages for the losses they suffered. Economic damages can be hospital bills, past and future income, and any similar financial losses.

Non-economic damages mean the decreased life quality and another non-quantifiable suffering a person experienced, such as the pain they went through.

Anyone who gets into an accident with a truck driver will almost always suffer considerably. They will face property damage with their vehicle and injuries as well. It can be very difficult to get back on one’s feet and resume normal living after facing such a sudden and catastrophic life event and a person should connect with a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to help them navigate through this difficult period.

When a person connects with a lawyer to help them get the compensation they deserve, they ensure they are following the correct legal protocol to make their case progress as quickly as possible while ascertaining that they get the maximum amount of settlement available for their case. It’s never easy to experience something traumatic as a truck accident and a person should use all the help they can get to make this time easier for them.

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